EDC Carnival Stages

At the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas last year there were 6 stages in total. EDC carnival in 2012 will be even better! Each stage is setup for a slightly different experience. Here is a list of the stages and what each one is all about.


  • kineticFIELD – One of the largest in height and capacity. This stage is MASSIVE. The light setup here is intense, think Swedish house mafia intense. Lots of strobes and lazers. There are large VIP areas to the left and at the back of the floor. Also has a split walkway down the center of the floor. Not a good place to try and find your friends in the crowd, but excellent sound and visuals. Take a ride on the flying chairs at the left of the stage during an epic set for a time you won’t forget….

  • cosmicMEADOW – Another MASSIVE stage, with a huge floor. The floor here is a real live grass field with some light features near the back (think 120 yards back). Excellent place to cool down compared to the asphalt or dirt of other stages.

  • circuitGROUNDS – MASSIVE yet again! The floor here is long and narrow, with a canopy over the section closer to stage featuring water misters. Dirt floor with rocks in some areas, you better be ready to get down and dirty here. With speakers in the canopy this stage is LOUD just how we like it!

  • neonGARDEN – This is where the youngsters get hyphy… Huge stage with intense lighting effects. Surrounded by carnival rides this stage gets crowded and is in the center of the action. The floor is asphalt, and stays hot all night long, but excellent for moving your feet..

  • bassPOD – One of the smaller stages features killer BASS. Can get crowded, but sounds so good you won’t even care. Don’t forget to make a trip here for some lower tempo tunes. 

  • heinekenDOMES – Air Conditioned!!!! This is a very small tent filled with the most precious resource in Las Vegas…. A/C! Usually a long line to get in here because it hits capacity pretty quick and people tend to linger at this spot for the cool A/C. You have to be 21 and up to get in here too….

  • Q-Dance Stage -  This is new for Electric Daisy carnival 2013. Dutch hardstyle company will be hosting the events on this stage and that includes a performance from the Blue Man Group… I’m ready!!

How big is the Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 venue compared to Los Angeles Coliseum? Check it out…

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  3 Responses to “EDC Carnival Stages”

  1. Would be nice if something could be done about that “dirt floor” in the circuit grounds. There was so many great DJ’s in this area last year but everyone in my party could not stand the dirt cloud for long, so we only stayed a short while each time.

  2. Goosebumps, commence. <3

  3. From how much money they will be making off this event it would not be hard at all to put grass everywhere.